Harpswell Advisors

First and foremost, Harpswell Advisors is honored to serve our clients as a fiduciary, partner and advocate.  This means we always act in our client’s interest and put those interests ahead of our own.  Harpswell believes our fiduciary obligation is of paramount importance and is aligned with our mission and civic perspective.
— Jack Moore, Managing Partner

Harpswell was created with a strong philosophy of striving for excellence all while embracing goals that extend beyond a one-dimensional financial scorecard. Our civic responsibility goes hand-in-hand with our focus on performance.  Harpswell’s mission is simple—deliver custom investment advisory services with terms that reinforce our alignment with the institutions we serve.  As a boutique investment firm, we bring focus and experience to the select foundations, endowments and families we serve.   Our specialized focus on behalf of a selective number of clients maintains the highest level of value for the investors we serve.

 Harpswell’s model provides our clients access to the best practices employed at larger endowments with investor-friendly terms delivered by a firm that embraces the values that are dear to them. 

 Harpswell believes the keys to investment success are as rooted in work ethic and character as they are in experience and knowledge.   We invite you to explore a partnership with Harpswell.