RFP Management

For institutions in need of a structured approach for executing an RFP (Request for Proposal) to solicit investment advisory services, Harpswell brings the expertise of a seasoned investment team.  We enlist our experience in managing all aspects of an RFP to make it a smooth and valuable process for you.   Harpswell provides a wide spectrum of services required for a successful RFP.  From documentation to on-sight due diligence assessment visits, our objective process  provides a fair assessment of prospective advisors to find you the best investment advisor.

 Harpswell will be with you through the entire process.  Using our extensive RFP experience, we will ask all the pertinent questions and ensure a thorough vetting of advisors.  We take the burden off your team and provide unbiased, objective counsel to help you find an advisor with confidence. 

Reach out to see how hiring Harpswell to oversee your investment RFP makes sense for you.  Minimum assets for RFP services are $250 million.