Faith Based Institutions

A faith-based institution often has a different perspective on investing.  Harpswell serves faith-based organizations and understands their unique perspective.  We can help you select a forward-looking investment program that also seeks to reaffirm your faith commitment. Several years ago, it was harder to embrace values-based investing while also serving as a fiduciary; now we can help you accomplish both.  Partner with Harpswell and let us build your custom portfolio.

Moreover, Harpswell recognizes the special role faith-based organizations have within the community and we want to help you make the most of your resources.   We work hard to keep fees low and we listen to learn how we can best serve your needs. 

Harpswell is committed to bringing industry best practices to your organization while helping align your portfolio with your goals as well as your values.  We serve as your fiduciary, advocate and trusted advisor to enable you to invest with confidence.  

If you would like to explore a partnership with Harpswell, we invite you to reach out.


Harpswell’s Services for Faith-Based Institutions

Harpswell’s full suite of OCIO services are provided to our clients with no additional fee.
*Services offered to select clients.  Please reach out to discuss how Harpswell can help you.