Harpswell serves as your full-service, outsourced chief investment office.  We utilize our expertise, infrastructure and resources to provide portfolio strategy and manage your daily investment operations, paperwork and policy implementation.  Harpswell brings experience with institutional asset management and the best-practices of in-house investment offices to our client’s day-to-day portfolio decisions. 

Our model is one of customization and efficiency and it is highly beneficial for clients looking for a   custom approach, with a personal touch, at a fee level that reflects our commitment to you.   Harpswell believes service at this level is best delivered by the professionals who lead the firm’s strategic research. Thus, Harpswell embraces a structure which bypasses the common customer service and salesperson layers, which are more common in retail-oriented investment relationships.  We believe this empowers our team to serve you better.   Harpswell listens to you and works hard to align your investments with your mission and unique needs.

 Harpswell’s investment strategy brings together the optimal mix of passive (index) funds alongside focused public and private managers.  This enables you to capitalize on low-cost market exposure (beta) and also tap global managers to bring a specialized focus with a sustainable edge.   

 Harpswell recognizes that determination of the proper asset allocation is among the most important components of our services.  Using our portfolio analysis tools, Harpswell takes a deep dive into your portfolio and investment policies to assess how well your investments are aligned with your goals and preferences.  Harpswell’s structured process illuminates how policies relating to asset mix and distribution requirements impact both the sustainability of your assets and your ability to meet your goals. 

 Harpswell limits our partnerships to those institutions (and families) where we feel the fit is best.   We embrace a progressive approach to our investment advisory services and judiciously allocate our resources to preserve our level of service and maintain the efficiencies our investors enjoy. 

If you would like to explore a partnership with Harpswell, we invite you to reach out.