Harpswell manages investments for both state and municipal governments.   We understand the nature of public trusts and are honored to serve government institutions like yours. 

Partnering with a government requires a fiduciary focus and an appreciation for the unique needs of public institutions.  Harpswell has the experience to navigate your investments and the commitment of a team that has also served in the public sector.  We will bring our focused expertise, fiduciary mindset and commitment to the public interest to our partnership with your government organization. 

Harpswell’s experience working with governments has also guided our approach to presentation and educational materials.  We strive to bring a clear and concise understanding to a diverse group of civic stakeholders, ranging from citizens and politicians to seasoned investment committees.

Partner with Harpswell and see the difference a dedicated advisor can bring.  

Harpswell’s Services for State and Municipal Governments

Harpswell’s full suite of OCIO services are provided to our clients with no additional fee.
*Services offered to select clients.  Please reach out to discuss how Harpswell can help you.