Investment Committee Advocacy

Not all institutions have the resources or expertise to oversee their investments and represent the perspective of the institution.  A Harpswell professional can serve as your Investment Committee Advocate, serving your interests and helping you work smoothly with your advisor(s).   An Investment Committee Advocate brings an outside perspective to the table, guides institutions through the decision-making process and offers candid assessments of an investment program.  An Advocate helps identify resources needed to manage assets efficiently and can identify opportunities to reduce costs.

 Unlike consultants, an Investment Committee Advocate works with institutions to identify service providers, as needed, with the skills and resources that are required to successfully manage your assets.  Duties can range from request-for-proposal (RFP) execution to consultant evaluations, and typically include written quarterly appraisals which are customized for each client.   Reach out to Harpswell to see how our cost-effective Investment Committee Advocacy services may benefit your institution.