Every member of the Harpswell team shares a deep passion for the firm’s mission and strives for excellence every day. Harpswell’s rigorous hiring process is one that gives great weight to the highest moral and ethical standards as well as work ethic and intellectual capacity. Our organizational chart is flat and every team member is empowered to have a key role in helping you meet your financial goals.

Harpswell’s team is structured like the investment professionals at a college endowment office or a family office. Our specialization and dedication to the Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) model differentiates Harpswell from the typical registered investment advisor (RIA) as well as large Wall Street investment banks. This specialization serves our clients well. Harpswell is committed to maintaining the highest level value for our clients and we therefore limit the roster of clients we serve.

Reach us at: contact@harpswelladvisors.com