Our Philosophy

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 Harpswell’s investment philosophy is one that embraces the endowment approach to investing - where we allocate to specialized managers for each mandate in the portfolio—and stresses a high level of diversification across both asset classes and securities.  We feel the merits of passive funds in providing cost effective market exposure are noteworthy, and a customized mix of both active and passive funds together help to maximize efficiencies, returns and diversification for institutional investors.

Harpswell values integrity, governance and alignment as well as management character in selecting individual investment managers.  We only invest in active strategies which are based on straightforward fundamental investment analysis and avoid strategies based purely on technical or quantitative analysis.  While reviewing historical results are a key part of the selection process, Harpswell avoids casting judgment based solely on returns and places greater importance on talent-continuity, character and processes.  In addition to selecting and monitoring outside managers, Harpswell views its role as your advocate to be a top priority.   We work hard to best align our firm with our clients’ best interest and always serve as a fiduciary.